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Discussion Board Instruction and Grading Guideline

The discussion activity that is due may only be posted during the active week that it is assigned. No early postings or late postings will be accepted.

Sharing information leads to new ideas, and the best way for us to learn is from each other. To that end, each module has an associated discussion forum. Post a response to each forum question, and start conversations with your peers. Points are earned for responding to each discussion forum and for replying to fellow participants. Though you will only earn points for up to two responses, we encourage you to keep an ongoing dialogue about the discussion topic. The purpose of the discussion forum is to generate conversation about relevant topics.
Post your response to each discussion question no later than Wednesday of each week, and respond to at least two other class members’ postings by the Sunday of the week. Please feel free to respond to more than two other postings. We encourage you to learn from each other!
Do not post early – only post in the discussion boards during the active weeks. No early postings will be accepted. Note that no points will be earned for discussion responses posted after the week ends OR before the week begins.

Discussion Board grades are based on the following rubric:

  Discussion Board Grading Element:


· Deliver solid content in 300-350 words – deductions taken for shorter responses.
· Remember that the restatement of the questions and the reference recap at the bottom of your postings do not count towards the word count requirement.
· There is no penalty for going over 350-words.


· Use an authored outside reference beyond your textbook. Zero points given for non-authored web sources. It is okay/great to use your textbook, but I want to see more research beyond your text. You may use a brand web page too, but you still need an authored source too.
· Recap your reference in APA format only at the bottom of your posting. Your reference must be clearly cited within your posting to count. Always provide the exact web site address in your recap of references for full credit.

· Research always beyond the materials provided to ADD to the discussion.


Respond to two other student’s work by end of activity week (11:59 PM) – minimum 50-words (no outside references required)


Late Penalty

· Discussion Board postings are not accepted after the week concludes.

· The original posting is due on Wednesday. Original postings are accepted late (after Wednesday but still within the week assigned). If posted after Wednesday, minus one point for Thursday posting, minus 2 points for Friday posting, minus 3 points for Saturday posting and, minus 4 points for Sunday posting.

· But in each of these cases the discussion is accepted. 


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