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· Reframing in Action: The Case of Cindy Marshall

· Put yourself in the shoes of Cindy Marshall, headed to the office for your first day in a new job. Your company has transferred you to Kansas City to manage a customer service unit. It’s a big promotion, with a substantial increase in pay and responsibility. You know you face a major challenge. You are inheriting a department with a reputation for slow, substandard service. Senior management credits much of the blame to your predecessor, Bill Howard, who is seen as too authoritarian and rigid. Howard is moving to another job, but the company asked him to stay on for a week to help you get oriented. One potential sticking point is that he hired most of your new staff. Many may still feel loyal to him.
· When you arrive, you get a frosty hello from Susan Bond, the department secretary. As you walk into your new office, you see Howard behind the desk in a conversation with three other staff members. You say hello, and he responds by saying, “Didn’t the secretary tell you that we’re in a meeting right now? If you’ll wait outside, I’ll be able to see you in about an hour.”


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