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Questions about the Movie “Blood Diamond” (2006) directed by Edward Zwick

Question 1:
In the movie, there are many issues of human rights. What are the significant human rights issues you have noticed? Try to summarize these issues briefly
in one word or one expression

Note: Your answer should

be “human rights” or “human rights issue”.

My answer: According to the movie, it became difficult to figure out whether the government or rebels are working in the best interest of the people. The rebels attack and kill people and capture some as slaves.

Question 2 (A):
What are
the three characters
who are related to these issues?

Note: For each character, you answer should include not only the name of the character, but also the event/ human right issue that they experienced in the movie. Try to write your answer in one expression for each character.
My answer for character 1): vandy – during the rebel attack in the village, vandy is captured and taken as a alave to work in ther mines for the rebels
My answer for character 2): solomon’s son- he is also captured during the rais by the rebels and is used to blackmail hi father to show the rebels where the diamond are.
My answer for character 3): danny archer- he was incarcerated when he tried to smuggle diamonds to Liberia. His whole family was also killed during the Rhodesian war

Question 2(B):
What are
the three events
that can be related to these issues?

Note: You don’t need to describe the events with details in long sentences. Expressions would be better!
My answer for event 1): When the rebels raided and attacked the villagers killing thousands of people and capturing some as slaves.
My answer for event 2): When Solomon is separated from his family and taken as a slave to work in the mines for the rebels
My answer for event 3): Solomon’s son Dia Vandy is also taken and rounded to work as a child soldier for the rebels.


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