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Project Deliverables

Business strategy at a conceptual level includes all actors (human and technology) and activities (exchanges) involved in data exchange, information and strategy that enable decision-making needed for the conduct of business. These include:
· The full business strategy process
· Terms that are used to describe the same concepts of concepts that are regarded similar when viewed at a conceptual level for example market strategy (or marketing strategy), product strategy, competitive strategy, in the context of the overall business strategy.
· Solutions, technologies and methodologies useful interchangeably in reference to business strategy or subsets such as reporting, analytics, or Customer relationship management etc. insofar as they are involved in information exchange and strategies that enable decision-making needed for business conduct.
· The end-to-end flow of business strategy exchanges rather than at level at which the exchange occurs. This may include strategies within or beyond the organization that is micro and macro levels.
The project examines the relationship between SDL and business strategy framework to acquire organization’s goals and objectives. A literature study across different industries, on academic and practitioner literature as well as international literature will be used.

Project Objectives

The cost of the project is approximated to be $400 running from 14th of May 2021 to 30th of July 2021. The first task on the schedule is assessing business models in the airline industry, followed by convergence of business models. The third task is describing and analyzing commoditization of the Airline Service product and lastly innovation in the context of the Airline industry. The project will run for 58 days till its completion.
The quality objectives of the project are to provide an insight of business strategy in relation to SDL framework within the Airline industry. The major objective is to support the case industry in devising and adopting the most suitable business strategy as guided by the paradigm of service-dominant logic which is designed to build a more resolute and sustainable future development and success.

Project Assumptions

The assumptions for the project are that SDL helps improve operations and business relationships in the Airline industry. The project bases on the fact that S-D logic is of value creation and since the values as perishable and closely linked with the product itself, as it is embedded in units of output. SDL also holds that value is co-created and realized in use as well as is customer-oriented and relational. Another assumption is that practical implementation of S-D logic in the Airline industry helps make certain changes at operational levels contributing to realization of set objectives and goals.

Project Constraints

The limitations is that while providing fundamental concepts applied within the field of strategic management within Airline industry, a separate consideration in terms of overall discussion is required. The reason is that the knowledge is the most supportive of the research undertaken in the case industry. The theoretical background of the study will provide the relevance to the Airline industry and will not cover the concepts and models related to other industries or sectors. Due to the time constraint, the study will explore the subject area within a specific period making data collection process limited to number of participants.


The airline industry is very broad, even though provision of the general idea of industry’s image and scope, the key emphasis is the given research is made on exchange of intangible resources and the co-creation of value with customers in the airline industry. The project focuses nature of operations and needs of the Airline industry. The research focuses exclusively in the United States and particularly Naperville, Illinois segment, since the case company is located in the mentioned city and serves for the clients living primarily in the area. In addition, the research does not aim at building a new general theory and results produced do not guarantee applicability beyond the context of the case study.

Acceptance Criteria

The final product must prioritize output, such as production-ready, concrete materials, as well as identifying opportunities for partnership value building. The product’s aim should be to increase the number of ongoing purchases with consumers, as well as to improve their long-term patronage and partnership marketing. The commodity should elevate the competitive significance of the lifetime benefit of the consumer relationship, regardless of the mix of services and products, according to the efficiency criteria.

Technical Requirements

The product will work as a tool that supports airline industry operations for the benefit of the customer. The product should incorporate innovation as an open process that extends beyond the confines of an organization, should allow strategic flexibility by emphasizing on value of operant capital, and help kick start business strategy renewal.


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