For wizard kim – movie review


Movie of Choice:
Remember the Titans

After you view your choice of the films, use the story described in the selected movie as the basis for your course paper.
In your paper you should investigate the respective leader. How did the societal context create difficulties for the changes advocated by either leader? Discuss how the case illustrates principles and practices to be followed by change leaders?
You can use the following outline:
a. One page that introduces the movie’s main theme. What is the movie saying about life or society?
b. Two pages that describe the societal issues facing the central characters. What challenges do these characters face from the community, people, environment, world, etc.
c. Two-three pages using the four frames from Bolman/Deal to describe how the main character adapts/changes the circumstances of his situation.
d. One page summary that reflects your thoughts on the qualities of leadership shown throughout the movie.
            Use at least four references. Full APA formatting.
The paper should be four- to-five pages, use the APA style, and reflect your best professional efforts.


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