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HMNT 3001C
My research is about the history of two popular culture category broadcasts that will allow you to understand how social values have changed about women. My artifacts/expressions from the past are the television series, Bewitched, starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York, from the year 1964 and Everything, But a Men, starring Jimmy Jean Louis and Monica Calhoun. Those broadcast biases underscore the double-standards about the role of women through the transformation of cultural and social norms. This paper aims to use the two culture category broadcasts to compare social issue messaging about the role of women from the 1960s and to now. Throughout history, consider that women have always played a significant, yet devalued, role in our society. Women have raised presidents, professors, doctors, while managing all aspects of family and household etc. However, society is still grappling with acceptance of women’s success and reconciling the changing role of women as they weave across the spectrum of choices in either becoming a wife, mother, a professional women or the inevitable and societal role of fulfilling all three.
In 1964 when the first episode bewitched came out, they portray woman as a person that need to stay home, clean, serve there Husband, the house and kids only. Then, on the “Everything But A Man” which came out in the twenty first century it continuously portrait woman as a person that need to continuous to do the same house essential duties plus a successful career. This movie was about a cheerfully single career woman finds unexpected love with a man from another culture, but their drastic lifestyle differences cause as much conflict as there is chemistry between them. The staring man in the movie used with a woman that always say yes master and always in the kitchen no matter what if the men does not have too much to offer financially, in the movie the express that women even pouch themselves in a higher level education they still expected to cook and treat him as a king and provided for the family. The society need to understand that a woman is very powerful tool that can be used for the success of the world. But man feel intimated when an independent woman can manage to reach professional success, which make them feel that they are losing control of their dominant side. Because we can still be successful in career as well in the family without getting extra help. Again it’s our loss because society always asking us to modified our life to accommodate the way the society portrait us. The Media that are play a great role on woman success today has not done a great job, by sharing with the world, the evolution from the kitchen to the desk with letting the world known that we do not belong to the kitchen only. They need to know that women can choose of being a professional that does not need to come home to do a second job. The thanks doesn’t go only to media but also to all the strong woman such as Eva Peronne that Media portrait her life from a movie and song title “don’t cry for me Argentina”. Her story was about a woman who was a prostituted on the street and become the first lady of Argentina. Media has become a very powerful tool for the evolution of how to see or learn to accept other as a part of our society. But they need to do a better job on portrait how women should be in the society.

Issue – Sexuality/Gender

Artifacts/Expressions – “Bewitched” (1964) compared to “everything but a Men” (2016) this comparison indicates that the audience and messaging has not changed too much. But it has been improved a little bit, because now day’s media broadcast a lot about woman career success. Although company still bias about what women can contribute financially as an income to their family, but it a bit better then stay behind the scene. So my question is, what they are afraid off? Why it is so hard for the change to goes up to the moon? Media need to allow the society to understand of how to stop bias again woman. We need to own the scene completely, I has said before on my discussion paper, behind each successful men there is a great mom and a great Wife. So please let’s make woman equal to man. Because “sex” refers to biological characteristics and “gender” refers to individuals that the society views of sexuality and the malleable concepts of masculinity and femininity.


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