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Real life example
During My first Internship , My Nurse leader was responsible for organizing a Mental health awareness program for the nurses .
The Objectives of the event was to educate the nurses on how to manage workplace and personal stress, and also to provide mental heath screening.
When organizing the event , she assigned duties to the nurses at the psychiatric department and those responsible for providing education on mental health .
Roles were assigned on who would post the event on the facilities social media and web platforms, and also send the emails to the other nurses .
The hospital was responsible for providing mental health screening and the key department leaders were responsible for ensuring that the agenda of the event is set and that effective screening is provided to the nurses .

This entails the monitoring of staff activities ,and performance and also taking the necessary corrective actions to ensure high levels of performance .
Controlling entails
Setting performance standards
Measuring and weighing performance
Making the necessary corrective actions
They three types of control in health care include output control, process control and input control.

Real life example
At the outpatient pharmacy the goal was to ensure that the time spent in the pharmacy was reduced .
By arranging and organizing the medications in alphabetical order it enabled ease of identification , hence effectively reduced the time spent by the patient waiting at the pharmacy .
The use of script pro system was effective in ensuring there is no cross contamination of medicines and aloes in ensuring that prescriptions are filled and well labeled .

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