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Your task is to:
1. Review the Gold Standard in Chapter 14 of Mr. Alsop’s book.
2. You are to answer each question with two references to justify your points.
· Regarding Tylenol’s poisoning crisis handling in 1982, would this same approach work in 2020?

· Would you advise the CEO during Coca Cola’s European crisis in 1999 to use the same or different approach as Johnson & Johnson did with Tylenol? Explain why you would either use or not use the Johnson & Johnson Tylenol approach.

· Prepare and narrate a PowerPoint with 5-7 slides.
· Write a 1-2 page business memo.
· Create a diagram or infographic accompanied by 1-2 introductory paragraphs.

NOTE: Make sure your resources are consistent and complete.
According to, “Cosmetics Industry – Statistics & Facts,” by M. Ridder, Dec. 1, 2020, the global cosmetic market grew ….
Alsop, Ronald J. (2004) The 18 Immutable Laws of Corporate Reputation ISBN 0-7432-3670-X


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