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Social Media impact at the workplace

To: William Froth, HRM Devki Corporation
Date: June 14, 2021
Subject: Request to Conduct Research on Social Media Impacts to the Organizational Operations


I am writing to request permission to conduct further investigation on the use of social media during work hours. It is a broad issue that needs further analysis to ensure that the organization operates as required and be helpful to the client and community they serve.

What the Problem Is and Why It Needs to Be Investigated

Employees are getting alienated, uninterested, and uninvolved in their job. It is due to a lack of a coherent location and inability to connect effectively with coworkers because of the excessive need to be on social media while on the job, leading to the neglect of the people they serve. It is a challenge because, 88% of the time, they are on social media, which is a challenge we face as a rehabilitation facility. Bullying and harassment are concerns that have been common in the workplace, aided by social media usage within the workplace. Employees have been known to publish information about their troublesome coworkers, client’s privileged information, and pictures on social media platforms, necessitating a review of what is posted and what violates clients’ rights and harassment or bullying. Bullying and harassment can take various forms. Nonverbal or verbal harassment, bullying, physical harassment, bullying, and even cyberbullying in the age of new technologies are examples. Employers should take the lead in protecting their employees and clients against workplace bullying and harassment related to social media. The company may need to create policies and anti-harassment training, such as not allowing cyber bullying inside and outside the office. Also, there should be a sanction against staff who post about clients and bully people they work with. The employer should also adopt strategies on how to handle social media use at the place of work. The Human Resources department should pay attention to employees’ grievances by resolving and creating an environment where staff and clients get to know each other.
Families and friends may stay linked through social communication worldwide, thanks to social media platforms. For example, the Facebook program allows friends and relatives from all over the world to interact and stay connected, strengthening family bonds. When it helps develop a harmonious society and interactions among family members, social media improves human interactions and should also promote a positive workplace environment, interaction and communication. These findings point to the necessity for more research on the usage of social media in businesses.

What Secondary Research I Have Conducted/Will Conduct about the Problem

connections at the workplace reduced by social media, which has a detrimental influence on human relationships. Social media has diminished face-to-face engagement, with individuals preferring to communicate via social media platforms rather than meeting in person. It has caused a breach in human relationships by making people reliant on social media platforms for communication. It has brought about the lack of respect for staff, supervisor, and client privacy. The firm should develop clear standards with advice on how to communicate about the firm not to jeopardize the firm’s reputation (Jermsittiparsert et al., 2018). When workers publish something negative about the firm, it puts the organization in the “hot seat,” so to speak. In that instance, the firm should act appropriately and investigate the source of any negative sentiment (Joo & Teng, 2017). Communication is crucial in determining what is and isn’t appropriate.
According to Forsgren and Byström (2018), using social media during work hours can significantly influence the company’s productivity if the employee spends more time on social networking than on doing job obligations. Monitoring social media use on corporate computers and ensuring staff is aware of the monitoring can help address the problem (Subramanian, 2017). Finding strategies to encourage better employees benefits both the employee and the company because the person is now more engaged at work. The employee sees the work they’re doing as valuable.

Why We Will Benefit from My Research and Recommendations

The study will demonstrate the efficacy of social platforms in improving family communications and elevating them to the level of a unified society. The study will have a favorable influence on human connections by improving people’s interactions. It will enable the organization to remain in its current location and market its name to the community by maintaining an excellent physical condition via excellent communication and teamwork. It will give employees the tool they need to understand the use of social media better and give employees and staff the training they need about posting about the people they serve to avoid lawsuits and sanctions.


I request permission to further investigate the social media issue as the benefits will spread to the organization and the community it serves.

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