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Read  the directions provided below then post and reply to the discussion  prompt (400 words or more for each entry and TWO Replies). Discussion  first entries are due on a Monday and the replies are due no later than  the subsequent Friday. 
Discussion Topic:
In  Chapter 3 of your textbook, various methodological techniques for  studying the social world are discussed. A key aspect of sociological  research is utilizing the power of observation. Applying what you have  learned about sociological research: First, discuss the role of  observational research as a key methodology for studying society.  Second, utilizing nonparticipant observation, participant observation,  ethnography or netnography observe and record a detailed account of a  social context or virtual social context that you are no stranger to  (think local coffee shop, shopping mall, church or night club, a blog,  twitter feed, or Instagram) from a sociological perspective. Be careful  to be objective and ethically neutral. Do not include judgments or  opinions of behaviors but rather, as best as possible, systematic  observations. Third, discuss how a common-sense view of that social  setting may look different from a sociological one. Does looking through  the lens of sociological research methodology transform how that social  space may be viewed. Substantiate your views. Fourth and finally, post a  response to another classmate’s posting discussing your thoughts in a  respectful and thoughtful manner. What stood out to you about their  observations and the behaviors occurring? 
General Requirement(s):
Discussion postings are worth 15 percent of your total grade. 

You are required to  first post a response to the discussion board prompt and it must be a  minimum of 400 words. Citations, titles, copying questions, references,  and other identifying information does not count toward word count.
You are required to use proper grammar and spelling. When using other sources, citations using APA style are required.
Direct quotes are  not permitted in discussion posting, therefore you must paraphrase and  cite. In addition, you must post a discussion response to a student’s  discussion posting.
When responding to a  classmate to a classmate, your response needs to be pertinent and of  substance. Stating that you agree or disagree is not sufficient. You  must substantiate your responses.
Above all, they must  be respectful and worthy of intellectual honesty, sincerity, and  humility. Responses must be a minimum of 150 words as well.


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