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ENG1272 Writing a Position Paper Planning Document

Answer the following questions to help plan your position paper. Answer in complete sentences. Submit to the Blackboard Assignment Dropbox.

1. Is it a real issue, with genuine controversy and uncertainty?
Yes, it is a real issue with uncertainty and various controversy.
2. Can you distinctly identify two positions?
The two positions include opposing or negative and supporting or affirmative position.
3. Is the issue narrow enough to be manageable?
This issue is narrow enough since it is not too narrow or too broad and has more targeted issues or information.
4. List out the pro and con sides of the topic to help you examine your ability to support your counterclaims, along with a list of supporting evidence for both sides. Supporting evidence includes the following:
a. Factual Knowledge – information that is verifiable and agreed upon by almost everyone.
Most people agree that love is consistent happiness, caring and desire to be with one’s partner as well as it is unconditional.
b. Statistical Inferences – interpretation or examples of an accumulation of facts
Accumulating facts about love is that love involves brain and hormones that are released, which create mixed feelings in our body such as pleasure.
c. Informed Opinion – opinion developed through research and/or expertise of the claim.
Scientifically, scientist’s experts such as Dr. Hele, claim that love can be dived into attachment, attraction, and lust.
d. Personal Testimony – your personal experience or one related by a knowledgeable party.
Through personal experience, love is not just a feeling of affection and attachment to someone, but it is an act of caring and giving to not just one person but many people, that is act of selfless.
5. Who is your audience?
The targeted audience are a young people aged between 20-30years.
6. What do they believe?
This audience believe that love involves behaviors traits such as commitments and emotions.
7. Where do they stand on the issue?
This issue is complex and variable.
8. How are their interests involved?
Audience interests are involved through sharing personal experience and relating the issues to known or recent events.
9. What evidence is likely to be effective with them?
True story evidence is likely to be effective to the audience.
10. Is your topic interesting?
It is an interesting topic for individuals who misunderstand or have not enough knowledge on this topic.
11. Can you manage the material within the specifications set by the instructor?
According to the specification of the instructor, the materials can be managed.
12. Does your topic assert something specific and propose a plan of action?
The topic states facts about the issue and recommends individuals to view love differently for better understanding.
13. Do you have enough material to support your opinion?
There are enough materials to support this opinion such as support from facts, personal experience, expert opinions, and textual evidence.


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