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Summer 2021
ENC 1102: English Composition 2

Asynchronous, Remote

Course Title: What is good writing?

Instructor: Zoraida Pastor, MFA.

Department: Communication, Arts, & Philosophy

Telephone: 305-237-6081

Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: By Appointment

Course Description:

This is the second required general core course in college-level writing. Observing the conventions of standard edited American English, students will compose informative and persuasive essays, write responses to a variety of literary genres and/or non-fiction, and produce a documented paper based on research. This course fulfills the Gordon Rule requirement.
Welcome to this asynchronous ENC 1102 course! In this class, we will explore techniques that will help you become a better writer, a better reader, and a better professional. We will study and learn about the reading and writing processes through a rhetorical lens. This means that we will study how writing can affect an audience. We will also explore what makes good writing, and we will discuss techniques that all good writers have; techniques that will help you become a better professional.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe we are all authors when we pick up a pen or pencil to write. I believe in the power of writing; it has the ability to heal you, to teach you more about yourself, and to help you achieve career growth. I am here to help you tap into your inner author, to help you achieve success in writing, something that you will always need.

Teaching and Learning Remotely

· This course is
fully remote and will run asynchronously
. This means that you will work independently in our blackboard (bb) shell.
· This class will NOT meet on campus.

· There will be NO “live” sessions on collaborate; however, I will be available online for questions and for guided support.
· I will create weekly supplemental videos that you need to watch. I will create an announcement once the video is made.
· These videos will explain the weekly tasks, and they will you provide with additional information.
· On Mondays, you will receive a list of tasks to complete for the week.
· If that Monday is a holiday, the assignments will be sent to you via blackboard on the next business day.
· This is a mini term, so please be prepared to work at a fast pace.

· You will have one or two assignments due per week, and you will be expected to read from both the supplemental texts and the Allen and Bacon Guide to Writing.

· This will count as your attendance.


Course Competencies

This course is designed to meet the College’s Learning Competencies.
Please read carefully the ENC 1102 Competencies:

Required Textbook:
Good news! All English courses focused on writing development (anything starting with ENC) require and use The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing.  This is only at the Padron Campus. That means students pay once for the book, but they can use the book for many courses. This textbook is also required at FIU. Some teachers require the e-text only and other teachers require the e-text and print. The e-text is available as a phone app (REVEL) and the print copy has to be ordered online and sent to your home address. 
Here are some important points about purchasing the textbook:

· There is a free two-week trial. Everyone will sign up for the textbook in the first week of class. You will then have two weeks to go back in and put in the access code you purchased from the bookstore or to purchase online.  If you don’t pay for the materials and activate your account within two weeks, access to the textbook and online materials will disappear. You won’t be able to read anything or complete any online work.
· Everyone must register with Pearson through the course Blackboard site during the first week of class. Regardless of whether you are purchasing the e-text only or e-text & paper copy, every student must register with Pearson by going through the Blackboard course of your class. You will be guided through the registration process by your teacher.  Do not sign up for the book or for Pearson online without going through your course Blackboard site.  If you enter Pearson without going through Blackboard, any graded material will not transfer be visible to your Professor, and you will not get credit.
·   Don’t rent the book.  Since the book will be used for several courses, renting is not advised as a rental does not include the access code, and you will pay for the book more than once.  Some teachers will only require the e-text and a rental will not give you that or the online work.
· You can purchase the textbook in the bookstore or online.  Regardless of where you buy, if you need a print copy, it will be sent to your house.   

For access to the e-text, print text, online material and REVEL app, you need to purchase the combo code in the bookstore for $83.00.  ISBN: 0135190460 / 9780135190463 (Revel Combo Code–Revel Access Code & Student Value Edition Coupon). For access to the e-text, online material and REVEL app only (no print), you need to purchase the code in the bookstore for $59.75 ISBN: 9780134407678.
Online options and prices. You can also purchase the e-text, print text, online material and REVEL app online directly from Pearson when you set up your account or re-enter after your 14-day trial.  If you purchase the combo print and e-text materials, the cost is $64.95.  E-text only is $45.00. 

For this class, please purchase access to the e- textbook during the first week. You cannot complete major assignments without the textbook.

Required Materials and Classroom Policies
· For this class, you will need a notebook, your favorite brand of pens, highlighters, and the e-book.
· Taking pictures of my notes is not allowed.
· I will only grade essays via turnitin, so please do not email them to me, unless there is an emergency or problem with blackboard.
· You must submit all assignments as Microsoft Word Documents to Blackboard, only.

· Do NOT write-in your submission.
· If you submit an assignment in a format that I cannot open, unfortunately, you will receive a zero for that assignment.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

· This is an asynchronous course where you work independently on assignments.
Please, login to our Blackboard shell every day.

· Attendance will be based on the completion of assignments, unless otherwise explained on blackboard.

· All homework, class documents, and other announcements will be sent to you via blackboard.

· It is very important for you to pay attention to where and when on blackboard you submit things.
· I will not search or “hunt” for assignments.

· Allow at least two weeks

turnaround time for me to grade your assignments.
· Late work is not accepted.
· Please submit
Microsoft word documents only.
If I cannot open the document, I cannot grade it.
· Do not write in your submissions.
· Each week you are expected to complete
one or two assignments
based on class readings/discussions.
· You will be required to watch a weekly introduction video and to read from the Allen and Bacon Guide to Writing, and to read and reflect on the supplemental texts.

· You also be asked to attend tutoring sessions and to attend live, free, virtual workshops that fulfill the 1102 Learning Competencies.
· You will know about these ahead of time, and they will be recorded for students to watch on their schedule.
· Please be sure to watch these.

· Please watch all the videos I create in the Virtual Classroom. They will help you succeed.

Email Policy and Etiquette

· When you send me an email, please write your course information and your question in the email subject line.
· On the subject line please write: “1102, Pink”

· On weekdays, please allow at least 24 hours for me to respond to your email. On weekends and holidays, please allow at least 48 hours for me to respond to your email.
· There is no need to send multiple emails with the same question.
· I only use the MDC email system.
· Please do not email me from a personal email account, as I will not respond.

I Am Here For You

· If you need to meet with me, simply make an appointment with me via email, and we will meet in our Virtual Classroom.
· Please allow 24 hours for me to respond with a meeting date and time.
· I reserve the right to meet with you on collaborate, if I feel there is a need.
Attendance Policies

Completing assignments is very important because it counts as your attendance.

I will drop you from class under the following circumstances:

Failure to attend/ log in the first week of class (unless you have contacted me).

If you miss the first two consecutives assignments, I will drop from the course.

If you

miss two consecutive assignments in a row, I will drop you from the course.

Important Dates:


June 21

Our First Class! (Classes begin for all Second 6-week terms)

July 3-5

Holiday, Fourth of July, College Closed

June 29

Last day to withdraw from courses with a “W” grade

July 30

Last day of classes.

Aug 2.

Final grades will be available via MD Connect after Aug 3rd.

Homework and Chapter Summaries

· I expect you to read the material and to watch all videos posted on your blackboard.
· All homework and assignments will be checked via blackboard.
· You will have one week to complete assignments due to the short term.
· New work will be posted in the Learning Modules on Mondays.
· Assignments and discussion board posts will be due on Mondays.
· If that Monday is a holiday, the assignments will be sent to you via blackboard on the next business day.
· Missed work will only be accepted if you have a documented emergency.
· Work is not an emergency, so please plan accordingly.
· If you do not complete the homework, you will not receive credit.
· Homework assignments will be different from the discussion boards and chapter summaries, so please be mindful of where you submit assignments.
· For this class, you need to read the following chapters from the Allen and Bacon Guide to Writing: 4,8.4, and 23 to help in the understanding of the material.
· You may be asked to write a summary and a reflection about what you read.
· This summary will assess your understanding of the chapter.
· Details to follow on blackboard.
· Note: You cannot make up missed homework.

Discussion Boards
· Since this is a remote class, we will
have live collaborate sessions; however, we will have weekly or biweekly discussion board questions based on the reading.
· The weekly reflection will be in the form of a discussion board.
· You are expected to discuss the story, article, or essay with at least two classmates.
· These are two separate assignments, so please pay attention to what you submit.
· Each assignment will have its own tab.
· Note: You cannot make up missed discussion boards and reflections.

Research and 1102

In this class, you will build key critical thinking skills and key research skills/strategies. You will be asked to compile your work in an annotated bibliography worth a grade. Information will be posted on Blackboard in the Research Tab. Videos and a workshop will be created to guide your process. You will have several opportunities to work on this, and your research process will be guided. You are not alone. It will be ok.

Major Writing Project (MWP)

In this class, you will have one major writing project. This essay is a rhetorical analysis based on selected short stories by Eve Babitz and Joan Didion. You will incorporate outside research in this essay. Details to follow on blackboard.

Final Reflection

At the end of the term, students will reflect on what they learned. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gather their skills and to build their own personal toolbox. This activity will help you beyond the classroom.

Weekly Assignments to Expect in this Class
(this is subject to change WITH notice):

1. Week 1: 1st Discussion Board (DB) Post: Ice Breaker and Two-part Assignment: Gordon Rule Writing Reflection and Syllabus Reflection
2. Week 2: Read the supplemental texts & Complete a DB Reflection
3. Week 3: MWP Released and Annotated Bibliography, explained— HW: Students must find Three articles to support their second MWP, and they must compile their articles/research in an Annotated Bibliography, Explanations and details to follow on blackboard.
4. Week 4: Editing techniques will be shared in the weekly video. Chapter 8.4 and Chapter 4 Summary, Due dates on Blackboard.
5. Week 5: Second Drafts Due
6. Week 6: Students write a reflection on what they learned in this class.

Assignments and discussion board posts will be due on Mondays.
If that Monday is a holiday, the assignments will be sent to you via blackboard on the next business day.

Grading Procedure (this is subject to change WITH notice):

· Attendance 5%

· Assignments(Summaries etc) 25%

· Discussions 10%

· Research 20%

· Major Writing Project 25%

· Final Reflection 15%

Total: 100%

Grade Range: 90-100%: A range 80-89%: B range 70-79%: C range
60-69%: D range Below 60%: F
Late papers and late homework will NOT be accepted.
Final class grades will be available to you on the MDC student website. Updates to your grades will be available on blackboard. I do not give any grade information via email.

Please be responsible

Plan accordingly

Remote college classes are about managing your time. Set aside time three times a week to complete your assignments.  Set aside additional time to work on completing and revising your major writing assignments. If you have any problem, it is your responsibility to let me know. We will handle documented emergencies accordingly. Communication is crucial for your success. You must follow instructions in class, in emails, on paper, and in the textbook.

Tutoring and Learning Resources:
I require that you visit a tutor prior to turning in all major writing assignments, especially the writing projects. This includes the annotated bibliography, the annotations and the Major Writing Project. There are tutors that can work with you one-on-one in room 6011 or online via the tutoring link in our blackboard. You can “walk in” or set a regular appointment. Tutors are trained to help you with writing, reading, and speech assignments, but are not there to do the work for you. When visiting a tutor, you must take the assignment and other materials that will help the tutor understand the directions. Do not turn in papers with the tutor’s notes. Tutoring is available Monday through Saturday: http://www.mdc.edu/learning- resources/hours.aspx.

Access Services:

MDC provides a variety of services that address a spectrum of disabilities. Talk to me if you feel you need these services or if you already have a documented special need so that we can arrange anything that you need to be successful. Here is the link: http://www.mdc.edu/access/default.aspx
Homework, essays, readings and activities in our class are designed to meet the following Learning Outcomes:

http://www.mdc.edu/learningoutcomes https://www.mdc.edu/north/english/enc1102.asp’

Withdraw from class

If, for any reason, you drop this class, please do so officially and have the courtesy to let me know.

How will we communicate in this remote class?

Please remember that I am here to work with you and help you become a more effective writer. It is extremely important that you communicate with me. If you have a problem, please speak with me, and I will help you or direct you to somebody that will help you. It is important for us all to work together and help each other. In this remote class we communicate via email and blackboard, so it is very important that you check your email and your blackboard daily.
Also, please note that this is an academic writing class. I expect you to
pay attention to how and what you write
, in your essays, homework, notes, and emails. Be specific, use descriptive language wherever possible. Sloppy, careless work is unacceptable. I expect thoughtful, careful writing. If your grammar, spelling and/or punctuation are not up to college level, you will have to set up regular tutoring sessions in the writing lab/computer courtyard and spend extra time studying and brushing up on your basic writing skills using a grammar handbook or grammar web sites.
This syllabus is our contract with each other for this class. Please make sure to read it and understand it. If you have any questions, make sure to ask me, I am here to help you succeed! Please make sure to keep it until the end of the semester.
Academic Integrity
You are expected to adhere to the policies of academic integrity as outlined in the

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
The Students Rights and Responsibilities” can be found here: https://www.mdc.edu/rightsandresponsibilities/

Violation of these policies will result in disciplinary action also outlined in the handbook. Plagiarism will result in an automatic F and a written report to the chairperson. The maximum amount of plagiarism I will accept is 24%.

Gordon Rule

This is a Gordon Rule course, which means it is writing intensive. Here are links to descriptions of effective writing for Gordon Rule courses and to the Gordon Rule Rubric to help you understand what is expected and how I evaluate your writing: Effective Writing for Gordon Rule Courses and Gordon Rule Rubric.
Additionally, here is a link to sample papers showing both effective College level writing and “not College level” writing: Sample Papers

Technical Support

MDC Blackboard Student Support Center: If you have questions or need support, please use these resources. [email protected] | 305.237.3800 | online.mdc.edu


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