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1. Check out this worksheet that I use when I am reading a peer-reviewed scholarly article. This worksheet helps me effectively read these difficult articles. Instead of reading it like a novel from front to back, I search for specific parts that I need.
– WORKSHEET Summarizing Scientific Articles. (Also attached Microsoft Word version to enter the text directly into the document)

2. Take a stab at using this worksheet for this article. 
– Guegen, N. (2012). Color and Women Attractiveness.

3. Using the text entry box for this activity, answer the following prompt:

Discuss what you think I mean when I say: It is important for students to become critical readers of scientific articles in your designated science (e.g., biology, psychology, political science).
Is there anything confusing about the worksheet? Do you think you could add or remove any sections of the worksheet?
Do you honestly think you would use the Worksheet for Summarizing Scientific Articles in other classes? Why or Why not?


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