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Place a number by any steps you would take in priority order, and of the ones you picked, explain in 100 words or less why the top five are in the order you placed them and how this would help your strategy.

Case Profile:
State Attorney General holds news conference announcing five companies accused of fraudulent billing for outpatient services. You do not know the company or anything about the news conference. Your friend and top referral source (someone who has sent a lot of business your way) wants to retain your services now. You are at a doctor’s appointment and say you will call back ASAP which may be an hour.
He calls back in 15 minutes and says ABC just pulled in front of his client’s office. You cancel your appointment and immediately:
· Have the receptionist tell the reporter the owner is not available.
· Do an online search to find the press conference or any coverage of it.
· Tell your friend to conference you and his client at once on a call.
· Ask if the company has any communication protocols or policies in place.
· Find out if the head of the company has any training on dealing with reporters.
· Find out which reporter is covering the story.
· Ask your friend if his client is guilty of the charges.
· Prepare a statement for the company based on what your friend knows and tell him to give it to the head of the company.
· Tell your friend you can help but you need to check out exactly what was said at the news conference first before you can reasonably draft a statement.
· Advise your friend to quickly alert the staff what is going on and ask them to post rebuttals on social media.
· Tell the company owner this is a special circumstance when “no comment” is acceptable because he has not even seen or heard what the state attorney general said about his company.
· Ask an employee to meet the reporter and camera crew outside first and offer them something to drink.
· Find out which news outlets covered the press conference as they are bound to have the story too and if you’re going to respond it should be to everyone at once with the same message.
· Direct the receptionist to inform the reporter whoever she asks to see is not available, ask what the reporter’s deadline is and promise the reporter’s message will be quickly delivered to the person they asked to speak with.
· Have the receptionist tell the reporter they are trespassing private property and need to leave.
· Tell the owner: Immediately lock the doors in order to buy time.
· Tell the office manager to meet with the reporter and give a brief tour of the facility showing all the plaques on the wall about the many recognitions and awards the company has received over the years.
· Tell the owner to meet the reporter at the front desk requesting she interview one of the other companies named because his attorney is fighting these allegations and don’t wish to participate in a witch-hunt story.
To qualify for this assignment your response must reflect the case profile given, indicate which bullets you would include in your response and show supporting reasons (citing material covered in class to this point) as to why the top five steps were chosen, and placed in that sequence. 


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