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· Please answer all questions associated with the case study as thoroughly as you can.

· Please use at least 2 references when responding to the Case Study unless otherwise noted.

· There is no particular length requirement as long as you answer the questions thoroughly and use a reference(s) to support your responses.

· Use the most current APA edition when writing and referencing.

· Please proofread your papers.

Cristen Calahan is a nurse manager of a 36-bed orthopedic unit in a community hospital. Within the past 2 weeks, two full-time RNs who work evening shift have turned in their resignations and have given Nurse Calahan a 6-week notice of intent to leave. Staffing on night shift is typically composed of two RNs, and there are only three full-time and one part-time RNs employed. Nurse Calahan feels pressured to replace the two RN vacancies on the 11 PM-7 AM shift, immediately. She knows that the other RNs on the 7 AM-3 PM and 3 PM-11 PM shifts do not like to rotate to the 11 PM-7 AM shift. In addition, pulling from the other shifts will create RN shortages on all shifts. Nurse Calahan contacts the human resources department, posts the position vacancy information, and has the positions advertised appropriately. She contacts the human resources department and discovers that two new graduate RNs are interested in the openings.
Nurse Callahan decides to screen and interview these two candidates and any other applicants using a targeted selection process.
· Why might she choose this interview method? How does this choice affect the types of questions she is likely to ask?
· Are there some questions that should not be asked in these interviews?
· How does the targeted selection process influence her ability to ask the “wrong” questions?


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