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Download the annual report of a listed company from its corporate website. The annual report is a pdf document and may be found under the link ‘investor relations’ / ‘investors’. You may choose any year and any listed company. You are required to DESCRIBE the cash flow statement of the company for two consecutive years. You are NOT required to evaluate the cash flows; ONLY: (a) to identify the MAIN cash flows per category of cash flows, and (b) to compare them with the previous year. The objective of this question is to familiarize students with real cash flow statements and their structure.
  Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:
 Upload one file in only.
 File format allowed: PDF.
 Font size 12
 Double-spaced
 Number of words: 1500-2500
 Harvard Referencing System
   • Enable students and gain confidence to read, understand and analyze financial statements.
• Demonstrate a true understanding of the financial position of a company both today and into the future.
     Due date
   Date: 21st June 2021 at 14.00h CEST
  Weight towards final grade
 This activity has a weight of 60% towards the final grade.


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