Human development 14 weeks mid and final


Section1 Mid
Question 1
How does Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development differ from Piaget’s concept of a Developmental Stage?
Question 2
What parental behaviors would you associate with Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and Disoriented attachment in children. 
Question 3
What are the benefits and potential problems associated with each of Baumrind’s 3 parenting styles?
Question 4
Apply 2 specific ideas from Piaget’s model to counseling or teaching a six year old?     
Question 5
Several gender differences were identified in the course.  The  controversy is over the causes of these observed differences.  Based on  specifc course material, what do believe to be the most important causal factors in gender differences?
Section 2 Final
Question 1
Erikson proposed 8 life stages.  For each one there is a crisis to be resolved.  For each of the 8 stages, discuss someone you have observed ( or a well known character from fiction ) in terms of the crisis and the outcome – positive or negative. 
Question 2
How have you used, or how do you expect to use, one specific developmental concept from Piaget’s theory and one from Vygotsky’s theory?


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