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It is crystal clear that there are a number of people who can be a leader but it would be important to be a good leader in any aspect. Moreover, a prerequisite for being a good leader is that the manager already has a relevant vision, because the only thing that can motivate a leader to improve is vision. In actual fact, having a vision contributes to having a strategy and performing as well as possible to achieve goals. Your vision is where you desire to end up and strategy is the plan of how to get there. It is this interplay that makes vision not ethereal but practical (Beeler, 2020, p.57). Therefore, not only does it need to have a vision, but also it is mandatory to know strategy, missions, business goals, and statements in that there is no way to achieve our goals but to advance planning.
Regarding me, I have planned a vision for the next 10 years in the way that it is related to my past experiences and educations. As I have graduated in the field of financial management and I have a lot of experience working in stock brokerage concerning the stock market, I have made a decision in order to establish my own company in the future. Meanwhile, a pure idea crossed my mind in terms of the software of the stock market. So, I am supposed to be the leader of my company which will work on a special stock market software and I have already planned my 10-year road plan.

Mission statements are considered as the remarkable point to start for many main strategic initiatives. In the same way that mission statements, in addition to providing a general picture, also present the strategic purpose and direction of the company (Lopez & Martin, 2018), mission statements of my leadership vision can have a fundamental basis and explain the future of my goal.
Although there are a number of reasons that people’s visions are chosen by themselves, one of the most important ones that are related to me is facilitating work in the field of the stock market. Indeed, as far as I can imagine, it is my interest to reach a level of progress where I can do something that everyone who wants to work in the stock market can learn and do as much as possible. To be more exact, not only is it important to me to gain a lot of money by investing in the stock market, but also, I want to learn this manner to everybody who has lots of interest with the help of certain software. It comes from my belief that if I can do it, everyone can do it. Hence, I want to establish a company and develop software, and then be the leader of the majority of people who want to invest in the stock market. They can use this software to improve their abilities fast and to gain money with the least possible error.

Education From the point of view of the whole society, it is difficult to say that we all want to surpass each other by going to university. Undoubtedly, everyone can benefit from college if a product in itself offers value to everyone, not just a differential advantage in job opportunities. But this is exactly what needs to be questioned rather than assumed (Sowell, 1986). In my future planning regarding leadership, Education plays a significant role. To be more exact, the stock software that I will design is on the basis of education. In fact, it provides an environment that everyone not only can trade in the stock market but also does not need any background in trading. The only thing that is necessary to have is interest Thus, I will be a leader who tries to improve my project in the way that it leads to learning as easy as possible. I think education is of value to me in my future.

Charity is another factor that should be regarded as a value in my leadership plan. Whether we are believers or infidels, I think it is fair to say that most of us want a report of human goodness that goes beyond useful calculation. We want to believe that the world is good and that it will at least reward a benevolent life in the long run (Anderson, 2013). If I believe I can achieve whatever I want with effort, why should I not include charity in my goals and values? in this case, I will achieve the goals I want and maybe I have helped many people to achieve their goals too. That way the world will be more beautiful. Therefore, I have planned to be a leader who will design software that anyone in need can access for free. As a result, I will try to make everyone think of a miracle of kindness in all the companies I have.

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