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Written Assignment 3 2
Tamalya Lewis
ORR 510
Dr. Margaret Elgin

Written Assignment 3

Research Methods

Employee turnover is an issue of concern in every organization across the world. YES There have been many debates and research studies on increased incidences of employee turnovers in organizations. Several causes and impacts of the same have been researched. One of the causes of employee turnover is part-time working relationships. Over the past few years, it has been found that employee who work as part-time workers, register the highest possibilities of turnovers in organizations (CITATION. This problem should therefore be researched because there is a need to establish how part-time work should be implemented in organizations. In this case, there are two interconnected variables to be considered. The first variable consists of, employee turnover and the second variable consists of part-time work. These are the two significant variables in this case (Joung et al., 2018). Part-time workers are workers who perform their duties under a reduced time limit on the firm. Unlike other standard workers, part-time workers directly answer to supervisors or management. Part time workers also are less likely to receive all the benefits that full-time workers receive. Therefore, since their work is more of a contract, they have the liberty to walk away from the firm or stay. Consequently, it is necessary to study and understand how working part-time impacts employee turnover.


For any research study, data collection is essential because it has either negative or positive impacts on the research results. Inaccurate data collection negatively impacts the results of the research, ultimately leading to invalid results. For this research study, I will explore both the qualitative and quantitative data methodologies. Quantitative methods of collecting data rely on random sampling and structured instruments for data collection, which fits diverse experiences into predetermined response categories. This data collection method is essential because it produces results that can be easily summarized, compared, and generalized. With the quantitative data collection methodology, the researcher can test the research hypothesis based on relevant theories and an estimated sample of the relevant phenomenon. Comment by margaret elgin: ?
A quantitative method of data collection can be done through interviews or questionnaires. For this research, I will consider narrowing it down to questionnaires. I will use both the paper-pencil questionnaires and the web-based questionnaires. For the paper-pencil questionnaires, the questionnaires can be sent to a large group of people. SAY WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE AND HOW YOU WILL GET THE SURVEY TO THEM. This method saves time and the cost of transportation from one place to another (Patten & Newhart, 2017). It is a basic method of data collection because people provide more accurate responses to the questions since their responses are anonymous. Based on part-time employment and how it impacts employee turnovers, the participants have the liberty to air out their true opinions regarding the issue since it is anonymous. However, as Leedy and Ormrod argue, the paper-pencil questionnaire has drawbacks (Rudolph, 2018); Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). Some participants never return their questions; however, if they do, some responses do not come from the original samples selected for the research. HOW WILL YOUR SAMPLE RETURN THEIR SURVEYS? Comment by margaret elgin: REPEATS
The web-based questionnaire is currently growing in the field of research. It uses the internet to research and gather data relevant to the research thereof. It requires participants to register their emails where they receive an email notification from the researchER, they click on it, and it securely directs them to the research questionnaires to fill their answers.
It is a quick method of data collection because it is less detailed. However, it leaves out participants who do not have computers or cannot access internet connectivity. Because of this I would also like to use in person questionnaires as well. WITH THE PANDEMIC IN PERSON SURVEYS MIGHT NOT WORK??
The qualitative data collection method in this research will be vital in generating and evaluating the hypothesis, strengthening the survey questionnaire and interview designs, and expanding on the quantitative questionnaire findings. Even though it takes a longer time than the quantitative research methodology, it will be essential in collecting data for this research study.
Both the primary and secondary data will be ideal for this research. For primary data, I intend to seek permission from the manager at McDonald’s restaurant to send the employees paper-pencil questionnaires. The questionnaires will entail questions regarding their experience as part or full-time employees and how possible it is for them to leave the company for another company. Some of the questions that will be on the questionnaire will consist of:
• Are you currently a part-time worker within your organization?
• Do you intend to be with the organization after 12 months?
• How long have you been working for the company?
• How likely would you be to refer someone to work here?
• Do you get any benefits as a part-time employee?
I intend to interview?? some part time and full-time employees on my JOB? who I currently work with and who I have worked with previously. I intend to interview 10-20 employees (approx. 10 from previous positions and approx. 10 at my current position). YOU NEED A FINAL SAMPLE OF 30 RESPONDENTS.They will provide me with the information I need to build on my research. Some of the questions will be similar to those of the questionnaire but they will be able to go into detail with open ended questions such as: “why did you apply to work for this part time position?” and “If you were to give notice and leave the organization what would the primary reason be?” Some of the questions may vary based on if the employees at my previous organization are still in part-time roles. More so, the literature review sources will also provide me with relevant information for the secondary data.
For secondary data, I will research journals and articles from companies who have information about their part-time positions.THIS IS YOUR LITERTURE REVIEW I will research this data using libraries along with job search engines websites such as indeed, and company’s corporate websites. This information will provide me with plethora amount of information to back my primary data.

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