Continuation of precious course project about milestones 1,2,3


You will be required to upload your final oral presentation in the Week 8 Discussions Area. Your colleagues and the professor will have a chance to view your oral presentation and comment on it in that discussions area. This final oral presentation must also be uploaded in the Week 8 Final Oral Assignment area. It is the instructor’s option as to the modality of each presentation (PPT Audio or Kaltura). The requirements for the audio presentation are as follows.COURSE PROJECT PRESENTATIONIntroduction Change analysis summaryDetermining the change summaryCommunicating the change summaryPresentation qualityVerbal presentation qualityPRESENTATION GUIDELINESA. Ten to 12 minutes (maximum) are allocated for the presentation.B.  No more than 10 slides are allowed in the final oral presentation. Do not embed any video files, audio files, or animated graphics, due to the limitations of the Canvas LMS. C.  Ensure that your presentation contains audio


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