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Creating a professional journal is one of my greatest experiences. As I stated earlier, I have never created a professional journal. This has been my first experience and as far as I know, it has been interesting. Creating a professional journal has enabled me to reflect on my experiences and determine my authentic self. Creating my professional journal has enabled me to brainstorm ideas. It has also helped me to rethink my career goals. As stated earlier, I am a director of E-commerce at Sunway Nuts USA. My career goals include the following: enhance my networking skills, start my own company, and become an expert in my field.
Conducting an interview is also my other greatest experience. I have never conducted an interview before. As indicated before, I interviewed with my supervisor, Frank Li. Frank is the Chief Operational Officer of Sunway Nuts USA. He is in charge of all operational areas in the organization. Interviewing my supervisor seems like an easy task, but it is not. During the interview, I was so nervous at the start as I was dealing with one of the most leading individuals in the company. Frank was, however, humble and ready to share a lot with me. I learned a lot of things during the interview which I think they will strengthen my career. One of the things I learned about is change and how management can ensure an effective and successful change in the company. I believe this experience will enable me to become the better me in the coming years of my career.


Based on the interview, I noticed that culture plays a vital role in organizations. Organizational culture establishes expectations for how individuals work and behave. It can define an entity’s external and internal identity, it can transform an organization into a team, it can impact employee wellbeing and performance, and can also influence decision-making. A culture can also influence change. While culture itself is resistant to change, it can be a significant enabler of change within an entity. It is, therefore, important for change managers to figure out the strengths of their organizational culture to initiate a successful change.
I have also noticed that for a change to be effective and successful within an organization, top-level management team and CEO must respect and listen to employees’ views. Listening and respecting employee’s views, shows that the management value and care about its workers. It also helps the managers share what their goals and intentions are and even understand the employees’ expectations, hence, having everybody in agreement. When individuals within an organization concur, change becomes effective. This aspect will further my career. As a director, I need to respect and listen to my team members. I can’t succeed without their inputs and efforts. Their opinions and views matter in all my endeavors.
I have also noticed that for a change to be effective, change managers need to share the vision of the change before implementation. A vision offers meaning and orientation for change managers and their team (Martin et al., 2014). It also creates a sense of ownership. A sense of ownership can make a huge difference in employee motivation, engagement, and investment. Sharing the vision before implementation can also drive a culture and environment that allows workers to thrive. All these aspects are vital to change management.
The other thing I have observed is that dictatorship of top-level management and CEO on what needs to be changed is dangerous. Controlling everything during change harm creativity among the team and prevent growth. Teamwork is important during change. As much as people always believe that dictatorship can generate consistent results, encourage short-term increases in productivity, and can lessen the effects of mistakes when top-level management and CEO allow employees to share opinions and ideas on what needs to be changed, employee motivation, engagement, and morale will improve.

Key Concepts

Effective leadership is important. Effective leaders usually bring together different groups of people and assist them to find a mutual purpose and vision. Effective leaders also ensure their employees work towards achieving the common goals. They empower and inspire individuals to recognize their fullest abilities and utilize their abilities to attain common goals (Hao & Yazdanifard, 2015). They also promote a culture of collaboration and cohesion in the workplace. Effective leadership entails listening and respecting employee’s views, sharing a vision with employees, and allowing employees to participate in decision-making processes.
Change is important in any organization. An organization cannot survive without change: Change is growth and it is unavoidable. New products and companies are entering the market every day, technology is advancing and changing, and consumer preferences are also changing. Companies, thus, need to adapt to change to avoid being disappointed. Change allows workers to learn new skills, practice their creativity, and explore different opportunities. Change also encourage innovation, enhances skills growth, and can promote efficiency in the workplace. In order for organizations to have an effective change, top-level management and the CEO must respect and listen to the employees’ opinions and views. They must also share the vision of change before the implementation. The top-level management should also estimate the strengths of its organizational culture to initiate a successful change.


Journal writing is so important. By writing a journal and reflecting on it, individuals can identify vital learning events or occasions that had taken place in their life, individuals can find the source of their inspiration, they can discover their authentic self, and even get a better understanding of their thought process. Writing a journal is one of my greatest experience. I have learned a lot throughout the process and I believe my career can nourish through the experience. Conducting an interview is also my other greatest experience. I learned a lot through the interview and I believe my career will build up through that experience. Based on the interview, I observed some aspects which I think are very important in my career. There are also some key concepts that I believe are vital to my overall professional practices.



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