Journal for internship course 5


Thinking on paper is as such more than writing but the ability to collect and narrate in such a manner that truly depicts reflections. One of those qualities is that I have to be open and honest about almost every detail that occurs in my ordinary life. This requires a lot of effort to keep up in this fast paced world and at times moment might seem like a blur when being recalled due to their brief and fleeting experiences. Being honest about every interaction even those that are unpleasant is what it takes to be able to put it down correctly. On top of being honest, it requires hawk eyed observation in order to be able to recall and relate to the experiences and make them lively in the writing. At the end of the day, the question that still remains to be answered is what is the meaning of all this effort? It means that thoughts should not be left to go and should be noted down for future reference and even to get the gist of what is happening. It means that each and every though that crosses your mind is part and parcel of the person and there should be an effort to put it down for the aforesaid reasons and even more.

Experienced Successes

From the first job I undertook, I was able to learn the value and importance of teamwork. During my working duration of one and a half years, I was able to get hand on lessons on various aspects of management. They proved to be quite crucial an important for my advancement in the marketing field. This allowed me to accomplish the creation of a new delivery application which is fundamental for the growth of sales. It increased the sales margin of the company in various ways for the risk I had taken. The settling of this account had the ripple effect of increasing activities in the company with a prediction projection of increased workforce.
Far from that, I also consider the authorization from one of the largest Chinese electronics brands to be their distributor in the United States huge success on my part. Being able to partner with one of the largest brands in China creates a new business niche for our company in electronics and home equipment. This opportunity is fundamental and I am extremely looking forward for the beginning of working with them. To some, it might be a privilege, but I consider being able to interview Mr. Frank Li, the CEO and the founder of the company a major step in further success. The opportunity provided me an insight on how to deeply understand the inner workings of a company and how it is transformed into a successful business.


Despite the various learning experiences and successes, there were also a number of challenges I encountered during my internship. One of the first challenges experienced was working with a diverse teams from various backgrounds and thought processes. This is because in working with a team it is crucial to consider and validate the various contributions and efforts in the workplace and ensure there is harmonious relationships with fellow co-workers. It was a challenge in that this was the first experience I had received with such a team and it required a lot of dedication (Guff & Loewy, 2014).
Working with various individuals also brought the challenge of management. This is because as a first time experience, I was generally used to the theoretical aspects of management and this proved to be a very trying experience. Through continuous interaction and discussions, I came to grow and understand the unique traits and shortfalls of the whole team. To make it even scarier, is the way in which my personality is inclined towards introversion which challenged me even further to go out of my comfort zone.
Time management was also a huge challenge in my growth during the internship. It challenged me from time to time from the interview to how to set schedules for other activities. However, this lead to the development of more time consciousness during my internship and I grew to learn how to balance and utilize time management. Proper time management allows for more focused efforts on completing tasks in a short while.
Implementing changes in an organization also proved to be another challenging task. This is because of the sensitive nature of a company and any little mistake could provide ripple errors in various tasks. Despite this, it provided an opportunity to address and match the organizations vision. Goal setting, plan creation, coordination and decision making were the outcome lesson from this challenge as it promoted engaging activities in an organized manner.

Portfolio Description

During the course of my internship, my portfolio managed to grow and increase in ways that I had not envisioned. It allowed me the chance to see the advantage of internship and the routine in which it has in overall improved my perspective and vision in terms of skill acquisition, accomplishments and acknowledgement which will greatly contribute to my experience and professional portfolio.
Through the experience, I was able to learn and understand my ability and talents. One of the talents observed and gained is the ability to coordinate and manage various activities. I came to observe this from the way I was able to coordinate and handle a team of diverse individuals despite beginning as a novice. It played a pivotal role in ensuring that my team of online retailers grew its customers and activities in during the period that I was able to work with them. From the experience, I was also able to gather my talent for time management and how to ensure activities engaged in are productive rather than being busy. This allowed for more activities to be completed and achieved as time control became a crucial aspect in the management of my team. This will contribute to my portfolio in the category of management as I was able to achieve and ensure crucial aspects of being a leader were undertaken. It shows the leadership skill I have obtained and increased as well
When it comes to attitudes, being proactive and curious are some of the aspects that reflect in my portfolio. In that, despite being less qualified in certain skill areas and activities, I was able to learn quickly and turn around these shortfalls and ensure there was growth in the company in my division and also as a whole. It allowed me to learn how to improve myself and even become a more active leader despite the challenges faced with. Not to mention the efforts I put in place to ensure I was able to work with the team and provide an engaging working environment for myself and co-workers.
My roles were defined and simply put forward. I was in charge of increase online traffic as well as search for new products for sale from China. This were basically having the responsibility of increasing the company’s brand and capabilities which I managed to do so by creating of a new sales application and the partnership with one of the largest electronics brand manufacturer from China. By indicating this alone, it shows the achievements I made in my position and how it contributes to my portfolio in that I was effective in completion of my tasks. These contribute to my portfolio by showcasing my capabilities and indicating the way I was able to achieve them.
It goes in line with my goals where I began with the vision and hope of learning various experiences from my workmates and even classmates. I was able to achieve this through networking and interaction with my boss who is the CEO of the company. This contributes directly to my portfolio as I was able to achieve my task and obligation within the duration of the start of the course to the current. I also had the objective of learning more business strategies as is determinable through the way I was able to increase company activities by creation of an application. It not only allowed an increase in sales but also an increase to the company’s ability to employ more workforce creating even more jobs. These contributions to my portfolio only indicate of the various tasks completed as had earlier been stated in my journals.


In a short bit, I find that undertaking an internship only leads to creation of a good opportunity to learn. The value of understanding this is it allows for monitoring the kind of thoughts that are always crossing the mind of an individual. It says a lot about the manner in which one is able to understand what they interact and get information about. This is important in instances like decision making and bargaining for value when it comes to various relations and transactions.


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