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Need to use New Jerusalem Bible
Pick a portion of the assigned reading from the Bible this semester that stands out as one that struck you as particularly interesting. It must be from our assigned reading. It could be an entire short book, such as Ruth or Jonah, or a story contained within a book, such as Joseph’s story (or part of it); or a poem, such as Hannah’s song in 1Samuel 2: 1-10; or a pericope from the New Testament readings. (You may use something you have written about in the discussion forums or the critical responses.)
Do not summarize the work.
Write a thoughtful essay of 800 words (minimum) in which you explain the meaning and the importance of the episode. In your essay,
· explain how the episode reflects the cultural context of its original writer and audience (the pdf readings will be particularly helpful here)
· identify literary genres and techniques that are employed in the episode
· explain how the literary techniques contribute to the meaning of the episode
Your essay may well go beyond these points, as well, but be sure to include these elements in your analysis.
The essay must include at least two specific references to the pdf readings from the Bible as Literature, as well as appropriate quotations from your Bible passage/ story.
No outside sources are expected for this final exam, only what is available on the course Moodle site. If you use additional sources, all sources must be clearly cited. Failure to cite outside sources will constitute a violation of Academic Conduct, will result in an automatic 0 for the essay, and will be turned over to the Academic Conduct Committee.
Submit your essay below before 11:55 p.m., June 22. Once you submit the essay you will not be able to edit it.


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