Module 6 dq decision making on procedure/practice modification


 Share an example from your nursing practice setting of how a decision was made to change a procedure or practice. What steps were used in the decision-making process? What evidence was considered for decision-making? Was the change effective? Provide rationale 


Your initial post must be at least 500 words, formatted, and cited in current APA style 7 ed with support from at least 3 academic sources. (MUST BE ARTICLES PUBLISHED FROM 2017 UP TO NOW) NO WEBSITES REFERENCED. INCLUDE DOI’s.
Your graded rubric is worth 2 points.
Quotes “…” cannot be used at a higher learning level for your assignments, so sentences need to be paraphrased and referenced.
Acceptable references include scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions), journal articles, and books published in the last five years—no websites to be referenced without prior approval.


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