Reflection paper with draft # 1 and draft # 2 with appendix


Table/listing of assignments that lead to achieving the specific learning outcomes in the BSN programs. The following assignments that were taught on our Diversity class and were helpful in accomplishing my learning outcomes.
1-Cultural Diversity society this assignment allows me to dive further into taking care of other individuals from different back grounds and cultural values that are different from me. Feel free to add more on this topic if you like.
2- Role of Ethics Among Interprofessional Health Care Team in this assignment I able to identify and implement the medical code of ethics to ensure the right choices are made in our line of duties as nurses. At times in we will have to encounter dilemmas where a choice must be made to benefit the care of the patient.
3- Transcultural Theories, in this assignment we were able to identify The Transcultural Theory of Nursing proposed by Madeleine Leininger states that knowing different cultures could help nurses provide meaningful and effective healthcare assistance to patients from different cultural settings. I agree with the assumptions of transcultural knowledge of nursing because different cultures have different values, behaviors, and attitudes towards illness. To provide healthcare to transcultural patients, nurses must be aware of these values, behaviors, and attitudes. According to research, a patient’s history, culture, family members, values, and beliefs are important sources better understand the patient’s position and design effective treatment plans for patients. These sources provide meaningful expressions to physicians and help them be ready for dealing with patients


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