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The company that this paper will be using in this assignment is the Brick and mortar business and in this case the paper will be seeking and looking to establish the ecommerce presence. The manager and the owner of the business is specifically looking out for a technology solution that will specifically manage shipping and inventory. Managing customers, and also managing customers and in the process integrate online shopping. The main problem that the company is currently experiencing are the challenges that do have something to do with the management of the information that the customers are giving and using or leveraging the provided information to help in decision making. The primary goal of the business in this case is to making sure that it grows in the e-commerce space and area. The technologies that are therefore suitable in solving the problem that the owner of the business has extensively identified and described is the cloud computing and AI solutions.

Cloud computing technology

Cloud computing technology is basically a technology that has many advantages and does play a very significant role in making sure that the users of the said technology are able to have a smooth access to files, storage, software and even servers through the internet connected devices that they do have that is including, smartphones, tablets, computers and even wearables. Cloud computing is a very important technology that any company can use since it does play a significant role in making sure that it processes the data that is already there and at the same time making sure that the data is stored safely and in most cases the storage of the information that the company has is stored in allocation that is separate from the location of the end user (Almarabeh, & Majdalawi, 2019). Generally by saying that one has cloud computing technology, this basically means that the company will be having the ability to access and store data using the modern ways of storing data compared to the traditional ways of storing data like the use of hard drives. Using a cloud computing technology this means that the company and in this case is Brick and mortar business is able to harness the power of IT and powerful software and will help the company to become bigger and leaner and more agile and this will put the said company in a position where it will be able to compete with other bigger companies (Almarabeh, & Majdalawi, 2019). Therefore unlike the traditional ways of storing data that is hardware and software, cloud computing do help a lot in staying at the forefront without being compelled in making huge investments.

AI solutions

AI solution is a type of technology that basically make use of computer visions in trying to accelerate automation that is intelligent by using simplified tools for things like image processing, object detection and even image recognition. The data management services that are therefore provided for by the AI solutions play a very significant role in making sure that the company in this case is able to integrate and access data from virtually any soured. In this case a suggestion engine is used which the main purpose that it serves is to simplify the prep of the data that is already there (Vanneschi et al 2018). Data governance which is also another feature that is used by AI solution helps in model lineage and tracking data and this help in that if the data is in any case is changing then the company will have the ability to identify and discuss which model needs to be retained. This solution is very important because, no matter the size of the organization, the effective analytical deployment will help a lot especially in the process of speeding up the rate of innovation. This therefore will help in solving the problems that the company is currently having by basically making sure that the system does deploy complex AI projects into an environment that is productive and this will help in fast tracking the company’s time to being valuable and in the process reducing the risks to current operations. (Patil & Rao 2019).


Cloud computing technology is the most efficient and that suits the problems that the company is undergoing. Considering the fact that the problem that the company has is managing the customer’s information and using that information to making decisions, cloud computing technology does provide a way to making sure that this problems are covered. This technology does come with an assurance that first the storage and of the information that the company has is stored in a good way away from the location of the user (Sohaib & Naderpour, 2017). This means that the company will have the assurance that the information that is already there is secured and is maintained. Also the technology does give the users of the system the freedom to access the data that they have and in the process using it in making decisions that they need basing that from the information from the system.

Overall benefits

There are many advantages of the cloud computing technology to a company, some of these advantages include,
Cloud computing is known for the fact that it does offer resilient computing. It also gives very effective and fast virtualization. It does also provide a low cost software. It also does play a very significant role in offering advanced security in the online platforms which does play a very important role especially in placing the company in a platform where it will embrace technology as it moves forward. (Almarabeh, & Majdalawi, 2019).

Basic security considerations

In implementing the selected technology, there are certain basic security considerations that the company must consider so that the whole process of implementing the technology to be successful. These security considerations include

Security features

Some of the security features that must be there in cloud computing include the top of the lonme perimeter firewall. An example of this is Palo Alto networks helps in checking the files contents and look at the type of file addition to the source that is there (Almarabeh, & Majdalawi, 2019). Other security features include intrusion detection system with event logging, data at rest encryption and many others.

Third party vendors

Third parties in this case are parties like cloud hosts, business partners, cloud based software solutions, agencies and even suppliers.

Internal safeguards

Some of the things that can be done to safeguard cloud sources from internal theats include cloud account details should be safeguarded. The company should also try to things in terms of governing the technology rather that monitoring and controlling.
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