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Claim:  Although most of the general public has been made aware of the potential for voter fraud, how do we know that this is truly something that we should consider as a valid issue? 

Evidence:  In Eric Eggers video on Prager U, he states that there are three various ways that this can happen.  Those include; Bloated voter rolls, ballot harvesting and voting by non-citizens.

Warrants:  We should consider this an issue due to the fact that there are many other issues stated that are not important enough to address.  If we as a people don’t address the little issues, they eventually become a large enough issue that can facilitate discord.

Counter-argument:  You may be thinking that, there is always going to be corruption in our government and why should we spend our time on the small ways government fails us.  I understand that this is a valid concern and it is one that should be considered.
I am coming from a background as someone who is very ignorant, when it comes to politics and have decided to critique the video from Prager U in that way.  I can’t pretend to know what I am listening to, as I believe that it takes years of following to understand what I am being asked to do.  I am one perhaps that would not know bullshit in the political arena that we call our government, if it was right in front of me.  I have read chapter 3 of Calling Bullshit and I don’t see any obvious signs of bullshit due to my ignorance.  I believe that the way the information was presented with organized graphics gave an appearance of truth.  In comparison to the other video, that was filled with so many jokes and disrespectful images, Prager U’s information didn’t fit the definition of evasive bullshit that can be defined by avoiding a direct question (Bergstrom, 2020), as I felt he was direct enough for my understanding.  However, based on the clear organization and direct and might I say quite professional speech, Eric Eggers presentation of apparent facts, could be considered pervasive bullshit that is defined by stating facts of a desired topic that could be exaggerated to the point that the individual could be considered as a highly skilled, educated source on the matter (Bergstrom, 2020).
Being that I am unskilled at this time in understanding the political issues in our government, I can say that I remember what Egger’s shared when he was discussing the three reasons for voter fraud because of the visual presentation that he utilized.  The mentioned reasons included; Bloated voter rolls, ballot harvesting and voting by non-citizens (Prager U, 2020).  I believe that most of the evidence that he presented was valid and was not twisted in any way, shape or form.  The title of the video was “Is Voter Fraud for Real” and this was, in my opinion information that made sense.  He also made mention that many voting practices are not major or morally corrupt enough to make mention of, and that perhaps, they are not important in the grand scheme of things (Prager U, 2020).  I believe this to be evasive bullshit as it sounds as though, there is much more that is occurring in the arena of our voting poll locations than we are aware of.  We should consider that all corruption is unacceptable and that any citizen that has morals should be able to filter through statements that ask us to dismiss deception.  The answer to the question “Is Voter Fraud for Real?”, well, yes it is, and even with a little bullshit being added, whether it is evasive or persuasive, you can see right through it with little understanding.  I also must say, that even though, I stated earlier that I don’t see any obvious signs of bullshit, I see that I am bullshitting myself, because I did see bullshit!  I absolutely did.
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