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Part One: Advertisements

Introduction: Advertisement is defined as “A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a productor service.”, “A picture, short film, song, etcetera that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service.” and “An announcement online, in a newspaper or other printed source, on television or other type of broadcast about something such as a productor service, etcetera.”
In today’s world, we are exposed to advertisements constantly. Nearly everywhere we turn, we are inundated with them. Since they play such a large role in our daily existence, as critical thinkers, we need to better understand how and why they work. This assignment helps you apply your critical thinking skills to everyday occurrence.

Part One:

Analyze an advertisement
Assignment –Find a print advertisement to analyze. After selecting an advertisement, study it and answer the following questions:

: Describe the advertisement in detail by answering the following questions in essay format.
1. What is the product or service being advertised?
2.Who is the target audience? Be specific.
3.How is the ad framed? –Explain the framing in detail. (See below for introductory information about framing in advertising.)
Use these websites to introduce the concept of framing: (NOTE-the imbedded links in these articles also offer additional information worth researching.)
•Framing Effect in Marketing and Advertising –

•Framing in Marketing: Back to Basics –

•This is How the Framing Effect can Help Your Conversion Rate –

: Analyze the advertisement by answering the following questions and discussing your thoughts, impressions, etcetera in essay format.
4.What is the claim in the ad?
5.What is your conclusion of this claim?
6.What about this ad appeals to you and why?
7.What about this ad bores or repulses you and why?
8.Do you find this ad to be effective? Why or why not?
Remember to label both sections, Description and Analysis, accordingly.

Part Two:

Create an advertisement
Scenario –As the owner of a (start-up) company, you realize that you need a good advertisement to bring in customers. You need to determine what type of company you have, what goods or services you offer, and who is your target audience. For example, you may be a travel agency, an insurance company, a massage therapist, a computer programming/repair company, an automobile company, or a design company. Whatever type of company you have, you need to create an ad to effectively sell your company’s goods or services.
After determining your target audience, you need to consider the benefits to the audience of your product or service, finally, determine what are the benefits of buying the product or service from you versus from a competitor. What makes you better than your competitor? Why should the audience buy from you rather than from your competitor? (Write a brief overview explaining the above aspects.)
Assignment–Write an overview, then using Prezi, Google Slides, PowerPoint, or a similar program, create an effective ad.
Reference Websites: (Use these sites listed below to begin your research. You may find other sites to use as well.)
How to create an advertisement —

30 Advertisement design tips that turn heads —

11 Simple tips to Creating an Effect Ad —

The Process of Creating an Advertisement in Nine Simple Steps –

Advertising Techniques –13 Most Common Techniques Used by Advertisers –
Advertising Tricks that Trigger Impulse Buying —


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