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Strategic HR Plan Outline

Patricia Vela
Dr. Sue Golabek
OL-751-R4027 HR Management Capstone 21TW4

Strategic HR Plan Outline
I. Cover Letter

· The HR proposal intends to recognize various strategies that can be applied by HR management to support and increase the globalization of Pizza Hut.
· The organization’s objectives, visions, and mission will offer direction to the HR strategy ensuring organizational goals are maintained
· The objective of the proposal is to increase the recruitment of personnel following the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic setbacks. It will involve a critical assessment of hiring strategies as well as employee background and performance.
· The proposal will involve a thorough gap analysis (Fahed-Sreih, 2018).
· The data from the gap analysis will be used to determine acceptance from senior management (Fahed-Sreih, 2018).
· Upon approval, a string of strategies will be planned to improve talent development programs
· The information necessary for the proposal will be sourced from journals, case studies, news articles, examples, and models applied in human resource management
II. The HR strategy Proposal

· Currently, Pizza Hut is available in over 100 countries where they have been successful and has numerous opportunities to expand its global market. Nonetheless, the culture adopted between the American branches compared to its international branches may be different. Therefore, cultural and diversity training will be essential if the organization is to increase its global market share.
· HR metrics will be implemented in future decision-making processes such as cost per hire, among other trending data. The objective will be to appreciate the organization’s current position and strategic targets (Fahed-Sreih, 2018).
· The business’ integrity will be protected through frequent ethical training sessions for all employees with annual competency and productivity evaluations.
· HR will also recognize, evaluate and address any litigations, the process will involve ensuring that regulations and policies are maintained to expected standards.
· The employees are the core stakeholders of the organizations; therefore, remuneration and compensation programs will be included in the employee assessment for annual targets.
· Open communication channels and effective leadership traits will be employed.
III. Implementation

· Employee performance will be linked with the reward system incentivizing employees to have high outputs. Underperforming employees will undergo more training to improve their contribution.
· To develop employee talents, the current staffing demands will be evaluated for future demands. Additionally, skill gap assessments will be used to develop the needed action (Fogarassy et al., 2017).
· For predicting the ROI (return on investment), employee promotions and leadership development programs will be analyzed.
· Finally, HR can employ and sustain open interviews that promote employee evaluation of working conditions. Additionally, appreciation of cultural differences will be applied in the training of supervisors and managers.
IV. Conclusion

· The various components of the proposal will be combined and summarized identifying the HR impact on Pizza Hut’s mission and goals to expand its market share.

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