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The purpose of this final project is to apply what we have learned about “Asian American Activism” in our class discussions and each student will research a prevelant issue that the Asian American community is currently facing and how the Asian American community is addressing the prevalent issue. 

Part 1: What is the issue?

  • Identify a problem/issue in the Asian American Community

  • Research the problem/issue and how community leaders and organizations are addressing the issue– Students will gather data from studies and databases. 

Part 2: What are we going to do?

  • Identify and Research an Asian American Public Official, Constituents and/or a Community Organization that addresses the issue
  • Develop a collective plan of action to address the problem. 

You will apply the findings from your research on the topic chosen for the Community Project by creating:

Community Report (7 pages, Double Space, Times Roman, 12 Font)

  1. History/ Background of the Asian American Issue [ 2-3 pages ]
  2. Discuss what Asian American leaders, public officials and/or community organizations are doing to address the issue. [ 2-3 pages ]
  3. Suggest a Plan of Action that the class can take to support the Asian American Issue [ 2-3 pages]
  4. Works Cited/ Bibliography (4-6 sources) [ 1-2 pages ]


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