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For Section 2: PMO Mission, Charter, and Competency of the Portfolio Project, you will build on the information detailed in your Portfolio Project Section 1. Based on analysis of your subject organization and further research, purpose the PMO’s mission and vision, PMO charter, and PMO competency continuum stage resultant from your Option 1 or Option 2 recommendation. To this end, substantively address the following key elements for your subject organization’s PMO recommendation:

  • Develop      the PMO’s Mission and Vision including:
    • State       the PMO’s mission and vision.
    • Validate       alignment with subject organization’s mission and vision.
    • Designate       key PMO stakeholders.
  • Develop      the PMO’s Charter:
    • State       the PMO’s business purpose.
    • Describe       the PMO’s business alignment and affiliation.
    • Designate       the PMO’s empowerment authority.
    • Describe       the PMO’s fiscal management.
    • Identify       the Charter approval.
  • Relate      to the PMO competency continuum:
    • Designate       the PMO competency continuum stage.
    • Justify       the subject organization’s designated PMO competency continuum stage       determination.
    • Correlate       the designated PMO competency continuum stage to the Organizational       Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3).


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