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Functional Requirements

1.Status inquiry•By  providing  package  number.  Users  of  this  system  will  be  able  to  inquire  the  detail  status  of  package they sent out or will receive.  •The status should include: route of shipment, shipping method, current location, and estimated remaining delivery time.

2.Input package information•At  the  beginning  of  a  shipment,  the  related  courier  will  input  the  information  of  the  package into  the  system.  The  information  should  include:  start  point,  route  of  shipment,  and  shipping  method. •By providing package number, the couriers will be able to access to the system and update the location of shipment during the shipping.

3.Management•The  administrator  has  ability  to  manage  (modify,  create)  the  username  and  password  of  each  courier. •The administrator can also access to the list of accounts.

4.Log in•Couriers and administrator should input their username and password before they operate the system.

5.Maintain package information•The system needs a database of information about packages and accounts.  

this a sample project. I need same bullet points but related to clouding computing.


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