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1.   Pick two topics that interested you the most or have made an impact in your current job/career.

2.   Post your initial response by the end of the third day (Wednesday) since this is a short week.

3.   Post a response to the postings by two of your classmates and/or instructor by the end of the week.

4.   Please see the discussion forum rubric in the Course Resource section.

Post by Gina 

 One of my favorite topics to learn about in this class was the payroll  processing. Mostly because it was straight-forward math. This class was  really challenging for me, so the payroll week was definitely nice. The  other topic I learned about I wouldn’t say I enjoyed necessarily, but it  did satisfy my curiosity and that was about depreciation. I had taken a  real estate class a couple of years ago and we had discussed  depreciation of buildings for commercial properties and I had always  been curious about how it is set. Hearing that it wasn’t necessarily  driven by a market was really irritating to me, so it was nice to figure  out how it is calculated.

There are quite a few things that I learned  that I think will come in handy in the future. However, I think I would  be a lousy accountant.

Post by Jessy


The first topic that interested me the most during this course was stocks.  I have invested in stock for years but never really understood how they worked.  I also thought it was interesting that putting money into your own business is really just buying common stock.  I hope to own my own business someday and understanding those concepts will help.  I also found depreciation for assets interesting.  I see depreciation options on turbotax every year when I do my taxes for some rental properties that I have but never understood what they were asking.  This is something that I can use now and in the future when I start my own business.


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