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In your reply to another student’s post, comment on your opinion of their idea. (Remember 1-2 full length paragraphs to earn credit for the reply post.)

I got interested in Anthropology because I believe that it falls in line with Sociology. There are two main topics that interest me based on the four fields of Anthropology. The first one being Cultural or Socio-Cultural Anthropology. This field links into Sociology the most, with the studies of cultures and how they have changed, evolved or not evolved over the years or even present day society and culture. Our current state of the world I feel is becoming for fluid and evolved, there for changes within the Cultural Anthropology world would be interesting to study, specifically gender and sexuality. Which brings me to the second field I’m interested in, Biological or Bioanthropology.

Biological Anthropology interests me because recently my child came out as transgender and I feel that this area of research would help me to educate myself on changes that have occurred through out history and how the biological makeup of our lives is influenced by our society and culture. The study of our genetic inheritance is very interesting to me for not only gender and sexuality but health issues as well. How does our human makeup work and turn us into who we are today or who we will be in the future?

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