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1. The Role of Financial Statements

basic accounting principles is imperative to the health care manager role.
Reading a balance sheet and recognizing the importance of cash flow are skills
that are compulsory to this function. With this in mind, discuss the following:

·  Discuss the most important headings in a
balance sheet and what the summary numbers mean.

·  Explain 4-5 reasons why cash flow is important
to a healthcare organization.

Use 2 references to
validate your response

2. Understand How Reimbursement Contributes to the
Need for Cost Containment

 You are the
manager in a healthcare organization, and you have been directed to come up
with a plan to cut your budget by 5%. Discuss the following:

·  What expenses will you cut? Justify the cuts
you choose.

·  Describe how these cuts will affect
patient-centered care.

o   Include both positive and negative effects.

Provide at least 1
reference for this discussion.

3. Analyze the Basics of Financial Principles

You are the chief
financial officer (CFO) for an organization and need to discuss with fellow
C-suite executives that cost cutting is not the only answer to profitability.
Prepare for the next manager’s meeting by responding to the following prompts:

·  Explain how a capital budget and a return on
investment contribute to sustainable growth.

·  Clarify the role that risk analysis plays
during capital investment decision making.

Provide 1 reference
that discusses cost containment and patient care.

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